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There are three categories of people in the world today. Those that make things happen. Those that participate or contribute to make things happen. Finally, those that say what just happened! This a ministry God is using to make people find their bearing again in life.
On the night of March 29, 2016 after several months on the mountain, the pastor founder was under a supernatural influence that he could not control himself. He began to voice out Dominion Life principles. Throughout that night he was constantly reminded that Dominion Christian Life Ministries would be one of the great ministries on earth that God would use to build, instruct, teach, show, etc. the people of this generation, the principles of living dominant lives on earth before the Lord Jesus returns. In another encounter with God, he was made to see all kinds of regrettable situations in the lives of people on earth and many were rescued through him. In yet another encounter, a withered tree fell down in front of him. He was challenged to start preaching God’s word to the tree, commanding it to have life in it for further usefulness. All of a sudden, the tree that was once dead came back to life, stretched out and began to bear fruits immediately. There and then, God told him to begin the ministry.
He has never been the same again since then. He has a burning desire and a mandate to satisfy the afflicted souls, to undo the heavy burdens in the lives of people? A mandate to let the oppressed go free, to repel every spell and destroy every yoke through the power of the living God in Jesus Name. God has sent him to rebuild the foundations and destinies of many generations that were once destroyed, stolen, defamed, deflected, defected, ruined, denied and diverted. Dominion Christian Life Ministries Church is a restorer of paths to dwell in….Isaiah 58: 12. It is absolutely a church place for those who have been deceived and disappointed by the enemy.
As we earnestly expect the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, the church of God, in fact the saints of God need to be well equipped with the spiritual weapons of fighting all the vices of the enemy. Today, the spirits and powers of darkness are daily devising new and more dangerous technics to lure the people of God. Is the present-day church equipped enough to counteract these technics. The events given by the Lord in Matthew chapter 24 and through pages of the book of Revelation are being massively fulfilled. Yet very little is being done by the church of God to create a stern awareness.
In Dominion Christian Life Ministries, the undiluted word of God is used to unfold all the guiding principles to keep the saints from falling into the various traps of the devil. God manifests Himself through the power of the Holy Ghost and His servants to undo all that the enemy has done in the lives of people as they come to the ministry. The church has a heavenly injunction that anyone who comes into the ministry has no right to remain at the same level after three consecutive months.